The fine structure of the spectra of image areas was observed and studied as well as the method of its application in high-precision systems for visual navigation was developed. Prototype of the national system of high visual navigation was created. Accordin to the results of bench tests it corresponds to the international standards of achievements in this field.

A complex of software algorithms for visual navigation of special computer for operational-tactical missile with a homing head was developed. The program and method of testing systems for visual navigation were created. The tests of developed method of navigation proved its efficiency and proved the possible to reduce the magnitude of the error navigation in 2-3 times compared to the known analogues.

There was developed the software and hardware complex of automated workstation (AWS) for operator of aviation transport sector (ATS), which is designed for flight testing of information homing sensors of operational-tactical missiles. There was created and experimentally tested software prototype of workstation of ATS operator, which is a powerful tool for various researches and testing precision navigation and guidance systems for unmanned aircrafts.

On request of SE “
Pivdenne Design Bureau named after M.K. Yangel” Institute scientists developed and implemented an efficient algorithm of software visual navigation for precision-guided operational-tactical missile (OTM) on the final section of a ballistic trajectory. Experimental testing of existing layouts homing (optical and radar) on the ground and in flight using satellite images of different types of terrain have confirmed the high efficiency of algorithm that accuracy 2-3 times dominated by other known methods for visual navigation (error in determining the coordinates of OTM is 1.5-2.5 m.

For the system of high-precision visual navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles, flight tests of existing models of heads of homing with the use of the automated workplace of the aviation-technical complex were conducted. Flight tests have demonstrated the creation in Ukraine of a modern scientific and technical base for the testing of high-tech guidance and navigation, which will accelerate the research and development in this important field. The results will be used to develop fundamentally new high-speed navigation equipment for high-dynamic aircraft.

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