Hardware and software complexes of early detection of emergencies which are applied in Cherkassy on the objects that are used in the technological cycle are dangerous for people and for environment matter were developed by MES requirements.

A standard software and hardware solutions for agency dispatching systems implementation of automated control of complex objects of different industries were developed. There were enacted 26 automated management systems of complex municipal and industrial sector in Ukraine and 6 systems in Russia and Belarus.

In enterprises with potentially dangerous process typical hardware and software for the construction of systems for early detection of emergency situations to prevent catastrophic impacts on human health and the environment were developed and implemented.

The complex system of dispatching elevators and engineering equipment of houses was created and implemented. The system provides a two-way voice communication between the passengers of the elevators and the dispatcher, collection, processing and transfer to the ARM of the technological information manager about the equipment of elevators and related equipment, remote control of elevators, voice communication with the repair crew within the facility where the installation lift accumulation and visualization of technological information about equipment operation.

Every year hundreds of developed engineering equipment and automation systems using specially manufactured automation boxes “ELEKON”, which operate on the basis of microprocessor modules are implemented by the Institute.

ith respect to introduction of modern technologies in the field of energy saving and implementation of works from the Integrated State Program “Energy Conservation in Ukraine in 2005-2020” in 2018, new design solutions for software and technical means of automation in automated control systems have been developed and implemented in complex objects of communal and industrial area of Kyiv. The obtained results correspond to the world-wide trends in the introduction of “Intelligent City” technologies.

In 2019, hardware and software for general and special purposes were developed for the construction of individual elements of the automation and scheduling system in multifunctional residential complexes with elements of situational management. The system of automated control of engineering equipment of the house as a complex set of hardware and software for construction of the integrated system of automation of engineering subsystems is created.

Circuitry and basic software of the two-processor controller for construction of ACS systems of engineering equipment and integration of existing and perspective systems to the global information space
were developed. One of the processors was focused on the implementation of algorithms for working with process equipment, the other provided information interaction with external systems. 

In 2021, a technique for building automated control systems for
managing engineering equipment and technologies was developed. For the controller of the hot water supply scheme control cabinet, there was created a software consisting of general-purpose programs, including a real-time operating system, and special-purpose programs.

In 2022, c
ircuitry, printed circuit board topology, and basic software of an all-purpose controller and analog channel module for control systems of engineering equipment in residential buildings and industrial facilities were developed. Also, algorithms for the integration of developments in the ACS of engineering equipment of residential buildings were created as well. 


       Last modified: Jun 20, 2023