The „Rada-3 – KYIV” system of informative maintenance of deputies of Kyiv municipal Soviet was created and introduced in exploitation; it has a high level of intellectualization, and is made on the base of modern computer techniques, peripheral facilities, systems, stands, boards, communications of native production. For the parameters and functional possibilities the system has not analogues in the world.

The operating prototype of the system "Biocon" for protection against unauthorized access to workstations of deputies of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine was created, that provides verification of person after the person’s video picture and finger-print.

Design project was developed, modeling was conducted and samples of ​​intelligent workplaces of deputies in the convention hall and the relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for new generation parliamentary system “Rada-4 were made.

Working models of working places of “Rada-4 system with colour sensitive screens touch-screens” type were developed and produced as well as testing of models consisting of software and hardware complex Rada-4 were conducted.

Technical report and documents of techno-working project on the creation of automated information system Rada 4 KYIV” were developed.

An automated system with information of Kyiv City Council was developed, tested and put into operation (“RADA 4 – KYIV”) on the basis of theory of intelligent technology of information and analytical support of legislative and law enforcement activities, covering the entire cycle of such activities from the workplace deputy to the hall of plenary sessions developed at the Institute.

Based on the theoretical foundations of situational management there were developed a technical task and technical project to create an integrated information system “Rada IV – Kryvyi Rih” on the base of “Rada III”. 

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the software and hardware system of information support system
“Rada IV Kryvyi Rih in 2019 performed works on diagnostics, maintenance and configuration of the system.


       Last modified: Jun 14, 2020