Strelnikov Valeriy Pavlovich

photoStrelnikov Valeriy Pavlovich

     1. Surname: Strelnikov
     2. Name: Valeriy
     3. Patronymic: Pavlovich
     4. Date of birth: 05-07-1939
     5. Place of birth: Slyudyanka Irkutsk area, Russia
     6. Sex: male
     7. Nationality: Russian
     8. Citizenship: Ukraine
     9. Family status: married, two sons (33, 38)
     10. Office address: 42, бcadem. Glushkov Ave, Kiev, 03187, Ukraine;
     Phone / fax: 38 (044) 2664476;
     E-mail: vps[at]    

    11. Home address: 6, ap. 27, Academ. Dobrochotov St., Kiev, 03142, Ukraine;
Phone (house): 38 (044) 4242106
     12. Position / Occupied post:
Institute for Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IPMMS NASU):
- Deputy Director on scientific work;
- Head of Department «Theory of Dependability and Efficiency of computers technique»;
- Chief of Body Certification for Technologies and computers Technique and means of automation "UKRCERTCOMPUTER";
- Chief of Accredited Laboratory test of computers technique.
National Aviation University (NAU):
- Professor of faculty of control systems and metrology;
- Professor of Institute of the newest technologies NAU.
Gosstandard of Ukraine:
- Chief Deputy Technical committee of Gosstandard of Ukraine for standardization фC-68 «Dependability of technique»;
- Member of working group WG-2 of TC-56 "Reliability" of IEC.
     13. Education:
1990: Doctor of Technical Sciences. A theme of the dissertation «Probabilisticly-physical methods of researching of dependability of computer technique» (majors: Elements and Devices of Computer technique and Control systems; Computers, Complexes, Systems and Networks).
1978: Candidate of Technical Sciences. A theme of the dissertation «Mathematical model of wearing for management of durability test» (majors: Friction and Wear in machines; Elements of Computers technique and Control systems).
1969: Engineer (major: mechanics), Kiev State University (Kiev, Ukraine).
     14. Career/Employment
1992: Institute for Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev): Head of Science Department, Deputy Director on scientific work (present time).
1974-1992: Special Design Bureau of Mathematical Machines and Systems at the V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Kiev, Ukraine): Chief Designer, Head of Sector, Head of Department.
1964-1974: At the G.I.Petrovskiy factory of automatics: Engineer, Senior Engineer.
     15. Work experience
The principal scientific interests - the theory and practice of dependability.
The working out of probabilisticly-physical methods for machines and equipment of dependability analysis.
The working out of mathematical models of failures of electronic and mechanical objects on of analysis of the physical degradation processes.
Methods of calculation of reliability of products of electronic techniques and details of machines, and also methods of calculation of reliability of technical systems (electronic, mechanical, electromechanical) are developed on the basis of use of two-parametrical probabilisticly-physical models of failures.
The working out of the theory of planning of tests and the processing of results of determination and controlling tests of dependability.
The working out of the methodology of the assessment of the parameters of reliability of some objects as to examinations of single samples.
Methods of an estimation of a residual resource (service life) of technical systems and the equipment are developed on the basis of the statistical data on failures while in exploitation or on the basis of measurement of determining or diagnostic parameters.
In general, the technology of reliability which allows solving practically all problems of reliability is developed, results in increase of accuracy of estimations of reliability and is accompanied by essential economic benefit (annual economy about 1% of means from the annual budget of branch, the country).
The scientific head of Ukraine Republican Scientific and Technical seminar «The Probabilisticly-Physical methods of the investigation of the dependability of machines and equipment» (1982-1992).
The scientific head of Scientific and Technical seminar NAS of Ukraine «Quality, Reliability and Certification of computer facilities and the software» (with 1993).
     16. Publications
There were published more than 140 scientific works, including 2 monographers. Over 15 standards (DSTU, GOST) were used this scientific results.


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