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Mark J. Zheleznyak 

photoHead of Department of Environmental Modelling
Institute of Mathematical Machines and System Problems (IPMMS)
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Prospect Glushkova, 42,
Kiev, 03187, Ukraine
tel.: 380-44-526-5583
fax. 380 -44-526-4249
E-mail: mark[at]


Date of birth: 31 December 1950
Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
Married, daughter born 1992


M.S?., Hydrology,1973, Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute, Odessa, Ukraine
Ph.D., Fluid Mechanics, 1983, Kiev National University, Kiev, Ukraine


Pacific Nationa Northwest Laboratories, BATTELLE, Richland, WA, US Department of Commerce's SABIT Program Grant - Visiting Scientist (July-October, 1993)


Development of decision support systems for off-site nuclear emergency
Development of decision support systems as water quality management tools
Computational hydraulics.
Mathematical modelling of radionuclides and other pollutants dispersion in surface water.
Mathematical modelling of currents, waves, and sediment transport in open channels, reservoirs and coastal areas of seas.


International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria Chairman, River and Reservoir Working Group of IAEA Coordinated Research Programe VAMP - (1992-1995).
U.S./U.S.S.R. Joint Coordinating Committee on Civilian Nuclear Reactor Safety, Task 7.1F, Transfer of Radionuclides in Water-Soil Systems, (1990-1994).
Ukrainian National Commission on Emergency Situations, Advisory Committee on water protection after the Chernobyl Accident (1986-1991).
Advisory Committee on Chernovtsy Environmental Accident (1989).
Advisory Committee on Kharkov Sewege System Accident (1995).
Ukrainian Ministry on Chernobyl Accident Consequences, Science Advisory Board (1992 to present).
Ukrainian Ministry of Science and Technology, Science Advisory Board on Informatics (1997).
International Institute of Applied System Analyses, Luxenburg, Austria, Advisory Panel for Risk Assessment of Nuclear Wastes (1993).
WMO Working Group on Development Operational Hydrological Report "Hydrological aspects of accidental pollution of water bodies" (1991).
USSR Tsunami Commission, Working Group on Mathematical Modelling (1980-1991).
Sibirian Branch of USSR Academy of Sciences, Scientific Committee on Wave Hydrodynamics (1982-1991).


International Union of Radioecologists; Member (1990 to present).
Ukrainian Sociaty of Applied Mechanics , Member (1995 to present).


1992-date - Institute of Mathematical Machines and System Problems (IPMMS) of Cybernetics Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

Head of Department of Environmental Modelling

1987-1992 - V.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Head of Department of Mathematical Modelling of Water Systems

1975-1987 - Institute of Hydromechanics of Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. < br> Engineer (1975-1980), Researcher (1980-1987), Department of Costal Areas Hydrodynamics .

1974 - Soviet Air Force

1973 - Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Observatory of the State Committee on Hydrometeorology

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