Mathematical Machines and Systems. 1998 #1



UDC 681.2
Mobile programming in WAVE / Sapaty P. S. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 1998. - N 1. - P. 3-31.
A new language WAVE for parallel processing and control of large distributed systems of different natures is described. It is based on dynamic creation and navigation of distributed virtual networks by a mobile recursive program code in a spatial pattern-matching mode. The language allows to create complex simulation and control systems which may efficiently operate in open computer networks without any centralized resources. Еxamples of programming of a number of network tasks are also given. Figs: 18. Refs: 72 titles.

 UDC 681.3.06 + 519.683.8 + 519.677
Synthesis of the equation of piece-smoothed line by the computer algebra methods. / Lyakhov A.L. // Мathematical Machines and Systems. -1998. -№1. -P.32-37.
The problem about construction of the equation for the flat closed piece-smoothed line has been solved by the method of computer algebra on the basis of a set of posible space forms, the canonical equations of which are known. The geometrical object is modelled in form of the hierarchy structure, any level of which can be transformed in accordance with initial data of the concrete problem. The results have been applied for solving the actual engineering-technical task. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 9 titles.

 UDC 681.3
On Compact Level Partitioning of Digital Trees / Y.A.Reznik. // Mathematical Mashines and Systems. - 1998. - N 1 .- P.38-45.
A modification of digital tree structure has been proposed that supports non-uniform distribution of digits between levels (i.e. each level may have nodes of different size). We call this distribution of digits - level partitioning, and the resulting data structure LP-tree. We study general properties of LP-trees, and develop an algorithm that for any given binary tree constructs an adequate LP-tree that uses minimum amount of memory. We call the resulting trees - compact LP-trees, and perform detailed analysis of their properties. It turns out that, on average, compact LP-tree uses 20.65% less memory than a binary tree, and even more importantly, the average complexity of the successful search in such a tree is O(1), or 3.0797 to be more precise. Refs: 7 titles.

 UDC. 681.3
Neural Growing Networks / Yashchenko V.A. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 1998. - N 1. - P.46-51.
There is discussed the new class of the neural growing networks, developed in the result of the synthesis of the scientific knowledge worked out by the different science disciplines of Computer Science in the work. Refs.: 12 titles.


UDC 681.513
Estimation of PDC-algorithms ebbiciency for statistica modeling / Asselderov Z.M., Pavlov A.A., Pavlova L.A. //Mathematical machines and systems. - 1998. - N 1. - P.52-56.
In given article we propose new methodology of statistical investigation of PDC-algorithms for intractable combinatorial problems, on which basis statistikal significance of polinominal subclasses defined by polinomial component of PDC- algorithms and sphere of their effective application is defined. We determine statistical parameters giving possibikity to find sphere of PDC-algorithm utilization constructed for one intractable combinatorial problem as effective solution tool of other problems from NP class. Tabl. 1. Refs.: 9 titles.

 UDC 62-50
Evaluation of features usefulness in problem statistical diagnostics / L.S. Fainzilberg //Mathematical machines and systems. - 1998. - N 1. - P.57-64.
The various criterions of the definition of diagnostic value of features in a problem of diagnostics of two classes are considered. It is offered to evaluate usefulness of any feature from a point of view of the average probability of errors. It is shown that only when classes have equal a prior probability then the traditional criterion "informative" and "relevant" are equivalent to a criterions "usefulness" of the feature. The examples illustrating obtained results are considered. Fig. 4, Reference 16 names.

 UDC 517.958+519.642
Modelling the magnetic dipoles laer / Romanovych S.S. //Mathematical Machines and Systems.- 1998.- N 1.- P.65-71.
Method of magnetic moments (MMM) for visualization by izolines of continuous distribution of 3-component magnetic dipoles in a flat layer is offered. The described approach can be spreaded as on case of a non-flat layer, as for the solution of a spatial problem. Figs.:8. Refs.: 2 titles.

 UDС 519.876.5:51-76
Mathematical modeling of gases distribution in the human organism in gypoxy conditions / Frolova L.Z. // Mathematical machines and systems. - 1998. - N 1 - P.72-74.
The problems of a mathematical model of gases dynamics in a human organism and oxygen modes handle when gypoxys; the computer model experiments results are indicated here. The accuracy of simple model describing is estimated. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 6 titles.

 UDC 681.3.06
Using the soft-instrumentalware system LIANA for integration of the application tasks, GIS and data bases into the systems of the taking decision support, based on models. / Hofman D. S. // Mathematical machines and systems. - 1998. - N 1. P. 75-88.
The object-oriented approach to the problem of automated designing of decision support systems (DSS) of ecological safety is considered in the article. Specific character of such systems is integration of complex mathematical models of objects of natural environment into complicated information complexes of databases and GIS. The described software system LIANA intended for automation of process of construction of such systems. The offered system permits essentially simplify the process of DSS development. Refs.: 9 titles.

 UDC 519
Mathematical machines and systems. -1998. - N 1. -P.89-94.
The paper deals with with the modelling and optimization of the one of the main countermeasures of the of-site management - evacuation of population. The description of the software, developed within the international project "RODOS", the description of the problems, their models and algorithms are given. The paper contains the results of the applying of this module for the data of the Chernobyl accident. Figs.: 3. Tabl.:1. Refs.: 8 titles.

 UDC 681.3.21
A Method for Parallel Calculation of Geometro-Topological Properties of Images./ K. M. Chekotun. // Mathematical machines and systems. -1998. - N 1. -P.95-104.
The parallel algorithms for calculating planar region properties such as number of convexities and geometrical sizes are presented. Figs.: 20. Refs.: 8 titles.


UDC 681.3.019.3
Planning tests of means of computer facilities on reliability at - distribution of an operating time. / Strelnikov V.P., Kravchenko O.B. //Mathematical machines and systems. -1998. - N 1. -P.105-107.
Procedure of planning of tests with the purpose of determination (or control) of reliability of means of computer facilities is determined at - distribution of an operating time of tested objects. Expression for distribution of sufficient statistics of an estimated parameter of reliability is received, on the basis of which determine volume of tests, adequate [answering] the given requirements on accuracy and reliability. Refs: 2 titles.

 UDC 621.396.6.019
Accelerated estimation of reliability of typical functional blocks of computer facilities / Feduhin A.V. // Mathematical machines and systems. - 1998. - N 1. - P.108-112.
Calculation-experimental method of an accelerated estimation of reliability parameters of typical functional blocks of computer facilities, taking into account all variety of degradation processes, proceeding in elements, is developed. The method is exacter and effective, as allows to do by testing only one samples and does not require realization of preliminary tests on estimation of factor of forced. Figs.: 1. Tabl.:1. Refs.: 2 titles.


UDC 681.3
To Problem of Society Informatization. The methodology of scientific foreseeing problem solving for helping out the home computer facilities of the crisis / Briukhovich E.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems.- 1998 - N 1.- P.113-117.
The materials on the scientific foreseeing methodology in its development are represented. The essence and possibilities of the methodological principle of the system approach raised uith the general theory of Bertalamfi systems in the synthesis uith Gyodel theorem have been opened. There is concluded methodology. There is given an example of using the system approach. Refs: 32 titles.

 UDC 683.1:338
National producer protection or systems approach in foresight of technological paradigms / Yurevich L.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 1998. - N 1. - P.118-125.
Socio-economic explanation is proposed in discussion of phylosophycal and methodical justification of science foresight as intersectoral systems approach to the Science and Technology Policy formation. A concept of the big technological system is used for description of new technological paradigms development within this approach. Separate issues of Science and Technology Policy with reference to national producer protection in information technology and scientific area, being the major components of competitiveness increase, are argued. Figs: 2. Refs: 32 titles.

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