Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2004 #2



UDC  51:681.03
About the problem of paralleling computing / DerevyanchenkoО.V., Lyalyetckiy О.О.  // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P. 3 - 14.
This article is devoted to some theoretical and applied problems connected with parallel calculations. It starts from non-formal discussion up to formalizations of the notions like computing space and of a program. In particular, for formalizing the notion of program Scott’s approach is used. Then, obtained formalizations are used for constructing an effective algorithm of paralleling of executing  programs, which can be implemented in practice. Also, some properties of this algorithm are investigated. Refs.: 8 titles.

UDK  621.8:681.5
A neural network based classifier for automative safety systems /Kussul M.E., Sitchov О.S. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. –2004. –  № 2. – P.15 -21The article is devoted to using  modular neural networks in the intelligent safety system of a passenger car. The system is intended to identifying the object, on the front seat of the car. The goal is to identify presence of a passenger on the seat to make decision on advisability of an airbag deployment. Initial data to make the decision are sequence of images from the video camera, which is mounted in the car compartment. It is shown that the camera images carry enough information to solve the problem. In the article there are considered algorithm of data processing, neural network architecture to solve the task and experimental results. Tabl: 2.  Figs.: 3. Refs.: 7 titles.

UDC 518.5
Adaptive approximations and  iterative processes / Tesler G.S. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P. 22 – 41..
In the paper the adaptive approximation and iterative processes from the point of view of understanding nature processes and phenomena are discussed. Particular attention is given to adaptive approximations, based on expansion of the function on discrepancy and be the source of receiving base iterative functions with arbitrary order of convergence. It is shown, that using discrepancy as implicity function allows to unite in natural way the known methods of approximation of functions, or receive principally new iterative methods with different rates of mistakes and adapted to internal and external conditions of using. Refs.: 24 titles.
Large system simulation and management

UDC 681.3.06
Features of the data structure and their transformation in systems of computer algebra the ANALYTIC // Klimenko V.P., Fishman J.S., Shvaluck T.N. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P. 42 – 48.
New way of internal representation given in systems of computer algebra the analyst is described. A way of optimization of analytical calculations of objects of computer algebra is adduced. As object a multilevel hierarchical structure is considered. Results of comparative research of efficiency of analytical calculations SСА the ANALYTIC and the most popular american СКА are adduced. Tabl.: 2. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 18  titles.

UDC 651.3:518.5
Technology of evaluation of knowledge base’s performance efficiency / Fedoruk P.I., Dyakiv N.M. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. –  P. 49 – 53.
The article is devoted to the problem of creating the technology of knowledge baseы performance evaluation.  The carried out researches prove  that the loss of knowledge base performance efficiency can be subjected to mathematical modelling; this process can be described through the mechanisms of degradation. Main parameters characterizing processes of degradation and capable to influence on their speed are defined. Research outcomes make it possible to develop a hardware and software package with feedback for managing a database, which can secure functionality of an intellectual system. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 004:519.876, 004.93
The quick method for turn of a raster image of complex symbol for real-time systems / Borodin V.A. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P.54 – 60.
In the article the quick method for turn of the raster image of complex symbol that requires less then two operations of addition for each pixel of the image is shown. Refs.: 9 titles.

UDC 681.518:681.3.016
System of measurement of parameters of computing process and working on local computer networks / Demidenko O.M., Bychenko O.V., Voruev A.V., Maslovich S.F., Nikishayev V.A., Potrashkova M.V. // Mathematical Machines and System. – 2004. – N 2. – P.  61 – 72.
It is informed about composition and structure of system of complex monitoring SITEMON. Technologies of observation of system events in operational system Windows, interception of system functions calls, formations of the initial information for imitating modeling computing process in local computer networks are offered. Results of approbation SITEMON are given. Tabl.: 2. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 680.3
Variant of structure of active object from the point of view of functions of support of maping decisions in systems such as "situation centre "/  Koss V.A. // Mathematical Machines and System. – 2004. – N 2. – P. 71 – 78.
In paper is considered the structure of active object  from the point of view of process of management of objects. The structure can form the basis for systems of functional designing  of support of making of the decisions such as "the center of management of situation". Figs.: 9. Refs.: 11 titles.

UDC 62-50
Designing failure detection and localization systems using model-based approach / Bidyuk P.I, Backlan I.V, Gasanov A.S. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P.79 – 91.
The problem of designing failure detection and localization systems for dynamic systems is considered. Two approaches are proposed to solve the problem: model-based approach that uses state-space representation and optimal Kalman filter, and neural nets based approach. Recommendations are developed for neural nets application to failure detection and localization, and examples of application are given. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 12 titles.

UDC 681.086
The decision of the ordinary differential equations with application of  the system ANALITIK–2000 / Kralina G.S., Styopushkina O.P. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P.92 – 99.
In the paper the questions of using system of computer algebra ANALITIK – 2000 for the decision of the differential equations are considered. On such examples, as the exact decision of the ordinary differential equations and approximate decision of the differential equations by Chapligin’s method, some opportunities and features of  the language ANALITIK –2000 and also efficiency of the decision of tasks by numerical – analytical methods are show. Refs.: 3 titles.

UDC 004.27
Verification systems based on the reconfigurable devices / Palagin A.V., Opanasenko V.M., Sakharin V.G. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N. 2. – P.100 – 113.
The analysis of principles of a design and operation of modern systems of verification of reconfigurable PLD - based devices of such known corporations, as Virtual Computer Corporation (H.O.T), Nallatech (FUSE), Aptix (System Explorer), Xilinx (XtremeDSP Development Kit) is made. These systems, realizing integration of configurable plate and tools of designing, are means for an evaluation, set-up and prototyping of the projects using PLD chips and other elements as a computing element of a system. Tabl.: 2. Figs.: 7. Refs.: 11 titles.

UDC 681.03
Methodology of creation of information-analytical system of accounting and checking the use of intellectual property / Morozov A.O., Kosolapov V.L., Kozlova S.P., Malinovskyy V.V., Otrishko O.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – № 2 . – P.114 – 133.
The questions of the software development of multicriterion expert estimation are considered in this article for making decisions of the problems of the operative analysis (economic, statistical, informational). The investigation of methods and ways of building information analytical support system of making decisions were performed, cardinal principles of their operation and possibility of their use for operative analysis were founded. Three original algorithms of solving these problems with using technology of the expert estimation are offered.  Tabl.: 6. Figs.: 11. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 681.51:57
Algorithms and   models of automatic  identification and corrections of typical errors of the user on the basis of natural  redundancy     / Kuzmenko G.E., Litvinov V.A., Maistrenko S.Ya., Hodak V.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P.134 – 148.
The algorithms and models of automatic identification and corrections of errors of the user are investigated on the basis of the reference glossary. The quantitative estimations of efficiency of algorithms are received. It is shown, that the considered method and the concrete algorithms of its realization can be used for decreasing  common labour  of input of the information in the COMPUTER and increasing the resulting reliability. In particular, the application of a method allows automatically or with the minimal participation of the user to correct from 62 % up to 93 % of typical errors, depending on the chosen ensemble of corrected errors. The recommendations for program realization and practical application of a method are given. Tabl.: 5. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 681.3
Conception of building models of composit document  turnover / Krukovskiy M. Ju . / Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P. 149 – 163.
The modern conceptual, functional, logical and structure approach of building models of electronic document turnover systems, which allows creation on its base  of the automated inform action systems for different  applications is discussed. As the base for building such models it is proposed to use wide approbated and well proved itself the apparatus of the theory of graphs, theory  of automates. Conceptual propositions of this paper may be used for deciding theoretical problems of the electronic document turn over and creation on its base of the corresponding software. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 10 titles.

UDC 519.816
Working out of decisions in situational control systems by directed consequent examining variants method  / Litvinenko O.Y., Nelin O.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N  2. –  P. 164 – 172.
A logical-linguistic model for a situational control of a complex systems is introduced. A procedure of its transformation to the canonical view of extreme combinatorial problems is described. An algorithm of decision making, which implements a strategy of directed-goal consequent examining variants, is presented. Refs.: 4 titles.

UDC 519.816
Information technology of experts-analysts work supporting when modeling and estimating versions of a corporation business strategy realization / Likhostup S.V., Zakrevskaya L.A., Yakovlieva V.S. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. –  N 2. – P.173 – 185.
A multiversion hierarchical model allowing to generate knew knowledge about methods of a corporate business strategy realization on the basis of  expert information processing, to get resource and time estimates and to realize matched decisions making on various levels of management, has been developed.This model is assumed as a basis of a developed complex of typical intellectual procedures of modeling and estimating versions of corporation business strategy realization. Figs.:6. Refs.: 7 titles.


UDC 621.192 (035)
Estimation of a resource of products of electronic techniques / Strelnikov V.P.  // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P.186 – 195.
Methods of an estimation of an average operating time to failure of products of electronic techniques (MTTF) are submitted on the basis of use DN-distribution for the various experimental and help data on reliability: failure rate, probability of failures, the minimal operating time, size FIT. It is marked, that prognosticative estimations MTTF on a basis exponential distribution are overestimated in 70-500 times in comparison with similar estimations on the basis of DN-distribution. Tabl.: 1. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 12 titles.

UDC 621.382
Extimation of variation factor on results of the forced tests / Fedukhin O.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2004. – N 2. – P. 196 – 199.
The method of an estimation of variation factor of an operating time to refusal of products in a mode of application on results of the forced tests on the basis of using the additional aprioristic information about compound processes of degradation is offered. Refs.: 3 titles.

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