A pilot batch of mobile phones was developed that can work as Usual Mode and in Safe Mode, and design documentation for their production.

Programmatic system of operative distribution of vocal information in IP- networks and in networks of cellular and conventional communication was developed and implemented in the SSU.

Method of exchange between the coded keys in IP-networks was developed. And also the programmatic module of commutation of the coded keys was developed, that allows to conduct voice conferences in IP-networks in a secure mode with a large number of participants in the negotiations.

 There was designed and provided to UkrTelecom corporation information technology for encrypted conferencing in IP- networks that has high quality speech features and gets security speech service for a lot of corporate users.

The developed methodology and hardware and software Voice Data protection in IP network and cellular network based on encryption of highly resistant algorithms, the pilot set of mobile cryptophons and security operating system alerts was created.

Based on modern researches and developments in the field of cryptographic protection of information in 2018 for the first time in Ukraine it was proposed harmonized with international standards Ukrainian-language basic vocabulary, defined levels of security of cryptographic information security and cryptosystems, as well as requirements to them, justified procedures for assessing the conformity of facilities cryptographic information security. The research was carried out at the current level taking into account the Euro-Atlantic course of the state.

In 2019, within the framework of the state defense order on the basis of a state contract with the State Service of Special Communications Administration of Ukraine for the first time in domestic science systematically researched and obtained scientific and practical results on the peculiarities of formation and models of information leakage channels based on coherent radiation sources. of information activities. The results of research should be used to regulate issues of information security. There are no data on similar works in international open scientific journals.


       Last modified: Jun 20, 2023