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  About organization

     In 1963 year on initiative of an academician V.М. Glushkov, the founder of Ukrainian cybernetic school, the Special Design Bureau of Mathematical Machines and Systems  of the Institute of Cybernetics NAS of Ukraine (IC SDB MMS) as experimental project and production was founded. In July, 1992 it outgrew into large scientific organization in the field of informatics - The Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems NAS of Ukraine (IMMSP NASU). 

    In 2013, the collective of IPMMS of the NAS of Ukraine celebrated the 90th anniversary of the birth of V.M. Glushkov and the 50th anniversary of the creation of SCB MMS. The collective monograph "The Institute of Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems. 50 years of scientific activity", which was published in 2014, is devoted to these significant anniversaries.

The main directions of the activity according to Institute status are the creation of the scientific footing, development and introducing in economy and defense of the state information technologies, automated systems of the different purposes, computer technique means and software programs, including:
    - theory and applied methods of the creation of information and analytical decision support systems, in particular, situational centers;

- development of methods of mathematical modeling of hydrometeorological phenomena, environmental pollution, dynamics of ecosystems and creation on their basis of computer systems of forecasting and support of decision-making on ecological safety and rational nature management;

- research, creation and implementation of information, communication technologies, neurotechnologies, information and cybersecurity technologies for various information processing systems, including automation systems for management of equipment and technological process, and sophisticated computer systems as well.

At the beginning of 60th in connection with rapid development of scientific researches in cybernetics the problem of the practical mastering of the got theoretical developments by a national economy and defence of country the special actuality acquired.

The most essential "pioneer" developments of this period are:

In 60-80th years which were marked by enormous achievements of native science and techniques in the sphere of space researches, the SDB MMS had a number of successful developments in this direction:

For the last 30 years the collective of scientists of IMMSP NASU has attained considerable successes in development of modern science (the most significant results are illustrated on the slides).

     High-quality of scientific potential (brainpower) of the institute grows constantly: for 30 years of organization existence in status of research institute 24 scientist have defended doctoral dissertations and 58 – candidate dissertations. 
 The efforts of scientists of our organization were rewarded with 30 State prizes of the USSR of Ukraine and nominal bonuses of the NAS of Ukraine, 47 employees have the honoured ranks of laureates of the bonuses. In addition, the research workers of the Institute have different sings of higher organs of legislative and executive power (orders, diplomas etc.).